Ceremonial Grade Cacao


After 3 years of researching, learning, and debating, we’ve finally decided to launch a pure ceremonial cacao for use as a hot cacao drink. 

Together with our good friend and his wife Martha, we’ve embarked on a journey led by Martha’s heritage and extensive knowledge of cacao - inspired by generations of cacao farming in her family. The journey has taken us through the Americas, in particular Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, and Ecuador (Martha’s home). 

It’s no secret that Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional has a reputation as the very best cacao in the world, and whilst it’s already available from a few online brands, we believe ours is the finest. But that’s what they all say, right? Yes, but our guys go that little bit further, giving that little bit extra attention to detail, to produce something very special. 

The pure heirloom beans we’ve sourced are Heirloom Cacao Preservation accredited, from the Hacienda Limón farm. The farm is located between the Andes mountains and the active Cotopaxi volcano, meaning the cacao benefits from fertile soils rich in minerals and nutrients. This further contributes to the exquisite taste of this powerful health promoting drink. 

A wealth of knowledge and passion, means our chocolatier partners are able to turn these exceptional beans into the most amazing tasting cacao. They do this by first meticulously hand-sifting through the imported beans, to weed out any defective ones. The select beans are then prepared, gently roasted

(to retain nutrients and improve flavour), husks are removed, nibs cracked, ground, poured into moulds, left to set, and then grated into the finished product. There is no industrial process used, everything is by hand. You can’t buy a more artisan pure ceremonial cacao than this! 

Drinking Cacao can support:

  • Improvements in energy levels without the adverse effects commonly associated with caffeine-based drinks.
  • Muscle performance and the transportation of oxygen in the body.
  • Normal cognitive performance.
  • The maintenance of normal of blood pressure.
  • The immune system.
  • The activity of digestive enzymes.
  • Normal metabolism of fatty acids.
  • The maintenance of normal hair, skin, and nails.
  • As cacao contains less saturated fat than cacao, this helps to regulate LDL-cholesterol levels compared to cocoa alternatives.

Pure cacao is:

  • Loaded with a wide range of highly bioavailable polyphenols and flavanols.
  • The richest source of theobromine for any food.
  • A Good source of manganese, Potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium.
  • Very high in iron - highest for any plant-based food.
  • A Good source of tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine.
  • The best alternative to coffee.
  • Rich in anandamide.


Flavor Profile: Yellow flowers, Sweet Caramel, Creamy Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnuts.

288 g (approx 12 servings)


Pure ceremonial grade Nacional Arriba cacao from the Hacienda Limon Farm.

Mix 4 teaspoons (~24g) with a little hot water from the kettle, until you have a smooth paste. Heat 250-300ml of milk of choice in a pan (don’t allow to boil). Pour milk into your cup a bit at a time and mix until the paste is incorporated. Add a pinch of good quality salt and stir in a teaspoon of good quality honey (both optional). Enjoy the best cacao drink you’ll ever experience!