Mongolian Shilajit – Pure Activated 25g


One Life Foods® premium Mongolian Shilajit has been collected from the Bayan Olgii province of Mongolia, in the foothills of Munkh Khairkhan.Mongolian Shilajit offers a different nutrient profile to our Siberian Shilajit. This allows you to cycle between the two and give your body a fresh stimulus.The Mongolian Altai mountain region where this Shilajit is collected, offers different geological traits to the Siberian Altai. Traits including rock types due to magmatic and volcanic activity, climate difference/fluctuations - temperature and precipitation, drainage and vegetation, all have significant impact on the quality and nutrient profile of Shilajit.The flora of the Mongolian Altai includes a variety of species, some of which are only found (and relatively newly discovered) here. This flora also contributes to the uniqueness of Mongolian Shilajit.This difference in environment means our Mongolian Shilajit contains 3.5% more fulvic acid, and almost double the humic acid content of its Siberian counterpart.Mongolian Shilajit also has a different mineral content. 

Pure activated Mongolian Altai Shilajit resin. Hand harvested in the foothills of Munkh Khairkhan.

Take 250-500 mg daily. Always cycle the use of Shilajit. After 4-8 weeks of continued use, take a 4 weeks break.

Shilajit is best consumed by stirring into hot water/green tea or black coffee.

*The best way is to take a pea sized amount on a knife and stick it to the inside of a cup of green tea or black coffee. Stick it just below the water line and leave there for a couple of minutes, so it softens and begins to dissolve. Then, using the knife, gently rub back and forth against the side of the cup until it completely dissolves.

How to measure Shilajit:
100 mg = 1 rice grain
500 mg = 1 green pea

Not recommended if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.