Black Seed Oil – Virgin Cold Pressed


One Life Foods® Virgin cold pressed Egyptian black seed (Nigella sativa) oil 100ml is unrefined and unfiltered to include nutrient rich seed sediment. Oil that has been filtered is not as beneficial as unfiltered oil. The medicinal qualities of black seeds are locked in the entire seed, and the oil alone only represents around 30% of this. Therefore, to ensure maximum potency, it’s important to include seed sediment. This sediment sits at the bottom of the bottle, where the nutrients are unlocked and infused throughout the oil.

Unfiltered oil must be left to sit in a vat container for a period after pressing, to allow the sediment to settle and infuse. Before bottling, the rested oil is then separated from the sediment. The sediment is then removed from the vat and added to the bottle first. The oil is then poured into the bottle, and the process is complete. This results in the strongest, most biologically active black seed oil, which is high in thymoquinone and other monoterpenes, including carvacrol, thymol, thymohydroquinone, p-cymene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, alpha-terpinene and gamma-terpinene.

Nigella sativa seeds contain 0.4–2.5 % essential oil - by essential oil, we mean a collection of unique aromatic compounds that constitute the plants flavour or “essence”. Essential oil is not to be confused with other portions of the seeds’ oil — the essential fatty acids for example. Since the essential oil portion of the cold pressed extract is only 0.4-2.5%, we'd expect to achieve an oil with a thymoquinone content of between 1%-1.88%, with the remaining % of essential oil comprising of the above mentioned compounds (and others).

Our black seed oil is approximately 1.8% thymoquinone, as verified by a 3rd party lab. We also test for all of the above mentioned compounds (the only brand to do so). 

100% pure unfiltered and unrefined cold pressed oil from Nigella sativa seeds (Egypt). Contains no additives or preservatives.

Note: The oil is completely unadulterated, and in its natural state - nothing has been added to increase volatile oil content. As verified by 3rd party lab testing, naturally occurring compound levels are native to the essential oil of nigella sativa seeds associated with premium quality.

Take 1 teaspoon daily, for general health purposes.