Simply stir a large pea sized amount into warm water, black coffee, green tea until dissolved (1-2 times daily until you’ve completed a course). 

*The best way is to take a pea sized amount on a knife and stick it to the inside of a cup of green tea or black coffee. Stick it just below the water line and leave there for a couple of minutes, so it softens and begins to dissolve. Then, using the knife, gently rub back and forth against the side of the cup until it completely dissolves.

It is recommended you cycle this product. 

Various factors may affect optimum intake of this product. A particularly active individual may require a higher dose. Others may need to adjust intake depending on weight or medical condition(s). 

There may be a noticeable difference in solubility when compared to our single source Shilajit resin products. This does not affect the overall quality or efficacy of the product. 

Not recommended if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.