Making Your Immune System Bulletproof

As we head into the depths of Winter, you may well feel like you’re lacking in energy or generally feeling rundown. This is common for the time of year, as we become more susceptible to illness over the Winter months; a notorious time for  many viruses and bugs to rear their ugly heads. Never fear! Luckily, we have everything you need to ‘bulletproof’ your immune system and stave off the fatigue associated with virus season.

In our latest blog we highlight some of the many supplements available at One Life Foods to keep you healthy during the Winter months.

Medicinal Mushrooms

We have products that include medicinal mushrooms whether you’re opting for our Shilajit with Lion’s Mane or prefer a health-boosting dose of Chaga Tea and honey made from our hand-picked Siberian Chaga Chunks. Medicinal mushrooms have been utilised for centuries in the prevention and treatment of a variety of infections and diseases. Scientists have studied the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and have found they have many immunity-boosting qualities.


Known as ‘the destroyer of weakness’ Shilajit has many useful applications including boosting your immune system. Shilajit is well known for its adaptogenic properties due to its bountiful supply of minerals, as well as fulvic and humic acids, triterpenes and phospholipids. It’s efficient at boosting and balancing energy as well as supporting the immune system which is essential at this time of year.

Liquid Vitamins

Our multivitamins are in liquid form as opposed to capsule as it’s proven that liquid vitamins have an absorption rate up to 98% higher than tablets/capsules. Our Vitality Liquid vitamin provides a full mix of complex vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Its super green blend not only balances the immune system, improves overall health but can also provide energy. Rich in vitamins C, D and E vitamins which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Adding Vitality to your daily routine will keep your immune system firing on all cylinders this Winter.

Plant-Based Protein   

Our plant-based protein powder helps to support your immune system. This is because plants have essential nutrients which are not available through other foods. Plants are rich in vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants which all help to keep your cells healthy and your body in balance allowing your immune system to function at its best.

Raw Medicated Honeys

Blended with many health-boosting elements our medicated honeys are a powerful source of many essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, EFAs, enzymes, polyphenols and other antioxidants (including Thymoquinone, flavones, resveratrol, lycopene, gingerol), terpenes and more. This makes them very effective at increasing your immune system. Whether you opt for our Altai Chaga + Buckwheat or Black Seed, Ginger, Hemp and Bee Pollen our medicated honeys have many benefits for your immunity.

We understand that your body goes through changes during the Winter months and you’re more likely to feel unwell but our thoughtfully curated range of supplements and functional foods can keep you fit and healthy. If you have any questions our highly knowledgeable team are on hand to discuss the best combination of supplements to help. You can browse our full range of supplements and functional foods here . For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: