Raw Hemp Oil + Angelica Root


Raw Full Spectrum Hemp + Angelica Root with Hops (30ml)

More than 600mg of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids per 30ml bottle. Cannabinoids are potent bio-enhancers, so they increase the actions of other substances, when blended together.

According to traditional use, Angelica Root and Hops may have the following benefits:

  • Improves sleep/insomnia symptoms
  • Helps reduce nervousness
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces nerve pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves symptoms of acid reflux
  • Reduces inflammation.

Place 0.5ml under the tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Repeat 3 times a day.

Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Extract ~6g
Angelica Root Extract 0.5g
Hops Extract 200mg
Cinnamon 0.15g