CBD Paste – 10% Full Spectrum 1000mg (10g)

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Pastes differ from oils, as they (should) contain a better overall phytonutrient profile. A good quality paste will contain higher levels of its cannabinoid constituents - including CBC, CBN and CBG. It will also contain higher amounts of chlorophyll, fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids and terpenes. Essentially, a paste is more “concentrated” than an oil.

The main advantage oils have over pastes is ease of use. Pastes may also taste a little stronger, but if the oil is a true full spectrum, whole plant extract, then there won’t be a big difference in taste.  

After extraction, rather than additional filtering, our raw paste extract is thinned out slightly (for ease of use) by adding a little MCT oil; this also aids absorption.

*Please note: due to the nature of paste products, they may appear quite firm at low temperatures. This may mean they are sometimes difficult to push out of the applicator. If this should happen, hold the  applicator over a steaming kettle. This will help to soften the paste and allow easier flow. Afterwards, store at room temperature. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
CBD/CBDA: Ratio ~1:1
CBGA/CBG: Ratio ~1:1
Extracted by CO2

Push a small amount of paste out of the syringe and place under your tongue. Hold there for a minute before swallowing. There’s no fixed dosage. We recommend starting with a few mg of CBD paste and slowly building up the dosage. A way to measure is against a rice grain - a couple of rice grain size blobs of CBD paste is a good starting point, in order to gauge what you should be taking.