CBD Oil – 5% Raw Full Spectrum ~ 500mg (10ml or 30ml)

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5% Raw Oil contains no additives, other than a carrier oil (coconut MCT oil) to help make it less viscous and easier to consume. One Life Foods® Raw Range CBD Oils have not been decarboxylated, which means they are just as nature intended. All cannabinoids are intact (at their naturally occurring ratios). One Life Foods® Raw oils offer higher incidence of terpenes, flavoniods (in particular Cannflavins A,B & C), minerals and amino acids than other products.

5% Raw Oil yields a higher percentage of CBDA, with naturally occurring, low amounts of CBD. Decarboxylation can occur naturally as the plant ages from exposure to light and heat from the sun. This create a small amount of naturally occurring CBD.

Raw oils may suit someone who is using a raw diet, or individuals who simply like to keep everything as close to natural state as possible. In our opinion, One Life Foods® Raw Range Oils can be used by everyone and anyone, and may also be well suited to athletes or regular gym users.

Please note: One Life Foods® oils are relatively unrefined, and therefore more viscous than others. For this reason, you may need to shake the bottle lightly before use.

Coconut MCT Oil
High Quality, Concentrated Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
CBDA:CBD Ratio ~1:1
Extracted by CO2

Place 5 drops under your tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Repeat up to 3 times a day. If this is your first time using CBD, you should start with just 4 drops once a day, and build from there. To gauge what 4-5 drops looks like, fill the narrow part of the pipette to just about where it starts to widen.